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HAYSYS offer an ever expanding range of products from one off units to complete systems. HAYSYS can also offer a whole range of purchasing options and support packages.

HAYSYS Direction Finding System

HAYSYS introduce their Direction Finding System for use as an Air Traffic Control (ATC) Navigational Aid at both Military and Commercial Airports.

The DF System uses the Doppler principle, coupled with advanced new digital algorithms, to provide the Air Traffic Controllers with the relative direction, in degrees, of a radio transmission and operates at both UHF and VHF frequencies for fixed Antenna applications.

The system provides an accuracy of better than 1 degree, achieving ICAO Class A Bearing accuracy with ease.

The system uses a modular approach to its configuration providing the ability to monitor up to 32 frequency channels on a single antenna and up to 15 displays.  This coupled with advanced Displays, displaying up to 4 frequency channels concurrently, including GIS Mapping and geo-referenced mapping, provides a truly scalable solution.

Interfacing with multiple RADAR displays such as the Cobham Radar Displays, the Thales TopSky (previously known as Eurocat), ATM System and the EuroControl Asterix Part 31, Category 205 specification.

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Phase Finder Unit

The Phase Finder Unit provides a means of identifying the electrical connected phase of single phase properties WITHOUT ENTERING THE PROPERTY.

The unit is self -contained and requires no equipment or connection to the local LV distribution substation.

The Primary user of Phase Finder are National Distribution Network Organisations (DNOs), such as Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) in the UK.

The unit can also be used to identify the phase of individual circuits within a three phase property, such as factories etc.

Watch the user guide video or click on the link below for more detailed information.

FeederNet System

The FeederNet System has been designed to be retro-fitted into existing Low Voltage (LV) Electricity Substations.  The system provides extensive data and analytics both at Feeder and Substation levels.

The system equipment is small enough to be installed within the LV Pillar and requires no drilling or any tools at all, to install.

The system equipment can also be installed on a ‘live’ substation with no interruption to customers supplies – perfect to monitor and predict loading on LV substations, ready for what’s coming!  The system is self powered and can measure up to 4,000A per feeder.  Data is communicated using Ethernet or IoT Mobile Data to our secure data portal, hosted by Microsoft Azure:

Control Unit
FeederNet Current Module with Dimensions
Measurement Unit
Rogowski Coil